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  1. Do a test of the equipment and all microphones and play it back to ensure the equipment is hooked up properly and that you are getting a clear recording. Check your recorder for hums, faulty microphones, bad connections or loose wires. Make sure the audio is recorded on the correct speed. Plug recording device into electrical unit if possible OR make sure the batteries are fresh and be sure to always change them often, as worn down batteries will affect the quality of the audio. 
  2. We can also transcribe digital audio and video files, i.e. MP3, MP4, WAV, WMV, MPEG4 files, etc. 
  3. Always use an external microphone if possible, and more than one microphone if there are several people in session or a larger room. Have anyone speaking sit close to the recording device. 
  4. Please instruct everyone at the hearing/interview or focus group to speak loudly and clearly into the microphones or position the person(s) in front of the recording device. If they do not speak into recorder or microphone the audio may not be clear. If necessary, remind them again during the session.
  5. For legal proceedings, please have each person (attorneys, clients, etc.) introduce themselves and spell their names, when introducing themselves. Ask that only one person speak at a time and remind them again during the hearing/interview if necessary. Try to eliminate side conversations. It will also help greatly if people do not interrupt each other. (It makes it very difficult to transcribe when more than one person is talking at the same time.) 
  6. Beware of background noise (fans, air conditioners, sirens, ruffling papers, open windows and doors, etc) in the room that creates extraneous noise and can affect the quality of your audio and avoid sliding the recording device or microphones on table, if anyone is speaking.
  7. If someone in the room has a persistent cough, ask him/her to turn away from the microphone or recording device when coughing, so the other people’s words are not overshadowed. 

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