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Word Tech specializes in audio and video transcription since 1986. Your go-to partner for confidential digital transcription services.

Service Information

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What audio formats can we transcribe?
​We accept all digital and analog formats of audio and video files.

​We can transcribe your digital files; for example MP3s, WAV, WMA, MPEG4, MP4, (just to name a few. You can send us your audio and video files, as an email attachment (if it's not too large), or we have a secure online FTP site that you can upload your files to and we can retrieve them. We can also retrieve files from your FTP site. There are also free file transfer sites available, such as Dropbox, Box, Hightail.com.

You will receive your completed transcript back by email, in a Word file or PDF file if that is your preference, as soon as the project is completed. If you have several interviews or focus groups or a larger project, we will email them to you as we complete each one.

​Turnaround Time
We provide high quality, affordable transcription services to you and meet your deadlines. We have standard, rush and weekend rates available. (Weekends must be scheduled in advance if possible.) We go that extra mile to ensure every project is completed to your satisfaction.

Word Tech has its own highly trained and educated in-house staff. Your work is never discussed with outside parties or online forums ever.

We will NEVER outsource your audio or video files to any outside company or random transcribers on the internet, which many online companies now do. Remember cheaper is not always better, because your sensitive company information and your client's information could get in the wrong hands and be discussed and shared randomly online. Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority.

Verbatim or Semi-Verbatim Transcript
​A verbatim transcript is a word for word transcript of audio to text. Verbatim includes all umms and ahh's, stuttering and false starts. For material needing time codes (window burns) the false starts are eliminated, unless otherwise specified.

A semi-verbatim or "cleaned up" transcript is one that eliminates the umms and ahhs, stutters and duplication of words, excessive "you knows," chitchat that does not pertain to subject matter (i.e. the weather, family talk, etc.)

All legal proceedings are transcribed verbatim and include a signed certification page. Legal transcription is available for court proceedings, interviews, interrogations and investigator's audio recordings.

Payment Requirements
​Account status is available at our discretion. In most cases billing is done after each project is completed and terms are due upon receipt, unless other arrangements are made in advance. We also accept PayPal.